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Same old, same old, but same old…..some new

 From what I have seen so far into the recent episodes of CL:E, the whole plot of the this season are forming together. Since Jeremy/Jeremie have desperately asked Laura to help him, I’ve kind of saw it coming when she altered the ‘return to the past’ sequence. I have a hunch that Laura might have a connection between Professor Tyron, the return of XANA, or she could be a young secret agent. These assumptions are a bit vague, but I did said that she might have a connection

  As for the NINJAS, it’s self explanatory. Also, they remind me of Assassin’s Creed.


  Lastly, The Delmas! Remember when I typed Same old….. some new?Jean Pierre Delmas is the fatherly principal we know from the animated series who’s lost weight and shaved off the beard. I’m sure that there will be a chance when Delmas and Jim will see each other and have there bromance moments. Eric Soubelet….keep up playing the principal of Kadic Academy.

image image (Just for kicks)

As for Elisabeth (Sissi) Delmas, played by Clémency Haynes, Sissi is still Sissi. image

For which now has blonde hair and Nicholas and Herb are not with her anymore because they are fed up and tired of her bitching. From the episode Comment Tromper XANA( How to Fool XANA), the moment when Sissi stares into the spectre of Theo, her heart skips a beat. Most likely, It could be hypnosis from the spectre or she’s finally not head over heels for Ulrich.

Honestly I thought of Catching Fire when this song plays. Just saying.

More Memes

  • Hi everyone! Any of you guys want to help me think of ideas for more CL memes?

Hey CL fans! Just created this meme. Here you go!

So far….

How’s it CL fans? So far, I admire the idea that Aelita is not the only one who can deactivate the XANAfied towers now. 

It’s not a meme though. I just made this because Diego reminded me of Andrew Garfield for a few moments back when I saw his picture first. lol

How’s it Lyoko fans? Here’s another meme I made. Enjoy! :)

A Moment of Odd and Ulrich II 

Odd: 2013 is going to be awesome!

Ulrich: Yeah, and you’ll still be short.

Odd: Damn you Ulrich!

Happy New Year Code Lyoko Fans!

The Ninjas of Lyoko reminds me of this Alien.